En (chant) ED ball

Tralala Lovers are in love, but not jealous. Without restraint, they share dancing music which gives them so much pleasure.
Waltzes, Scottish, circassians circles, languid mazurkas, crazy polkas… the Tralala ball is a folk journey which carries you throughout Europe. Over popular or original lyrics, their generous voices invite you on the dance floor to sing Bambino, whistle the gavotte, abandon yourself to swaying rhythms and share without frills the pleasure of dancing.
It must be said that Diego Meymarian (vocals, violin, banjo, Jew’s harp) and Vincent Gaffet (vocals, accordion, percussions) are also members of the TRAM des Balkans band and surely know a great deal about good vibrations!
Advanced dancers or absolute beginners, no need to resist the dance floor’s appeal, the contagious glee will catch you like the siren’s song.

Tralala Lovers Team

Vincent Gaffet: Accordion, harmonica, vocals
Diego Meymarian: Violin, Mandolin, banjo, vocals

Partners and support:

Production : Les Entêtés Production
Inouie distribution
Région Auvergne Rhône Alpes
Grand Bureau





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