World Barock

Violaine Cochard and TRAM des Balkans musicians join their talents to create a unique, popular and modern project.
TRAM des Balkans, a band of 5 musicians – singers with multi-cultural inspiration and communicative energy, has been defending since the last 15 years, “an open-minded music that can both be lived and danced”. Violaine Cochard, very active concert harpsichordist, embodies an open-minded Baroque aesthetic always thirsty of dialogues (among her collaborations: Edouard Ferlet, Louis Sclavis…).
TOCCATRAM is the encounter of two musical sensibilities, a dialogue between pieces separated by 4 centuries, a music that shatters stylistic constraints to reach the core: the pleasure of being together.
Unique and amazing work, TOCCATRAM is shaped with original compositions and very personal interpretations of Baroque pieces. This unclassifiable world music show takes us on a keen wandering across Europe and centuries of History.

ToccaTram Team

Violaine Cochard: Harpsichord
Vincent Westphal: Clarinet, vocals
Diego Meymarian: Violin, Mandolin, banjo, vocals
Vincent Gaffet: Accordion, harmonica, vocals
Sylvain Lacombe: Double-bass, bass
Mathieu Cervera: Drums, Percussions


Production : Les Entêtés Production
Co-production : Travail et Culture (St Maurice l’exil, 38), Cité de la musique de Romans (26)
Residency support: Théâtre La Mouche de St Genis Laval (69), Théâtre de Die (26).
Support: Région Rhône-Alpes, ADAMI, DRAC Rhône-Alpes.


  1. Passacaglia della vita Tram des Balkans & Violaine Cochard 3:07
  2. La Follia Tram des Balkans & Violaine Cochard 3:24
  3. Se l'aura spira Tram des Balkans & Violaine Cochard 4:20


The show is no longer available - but the album is !



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